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Information for Participants

By participating in Behavioral Business Research Lab studies, you become a valued member of our subject pool. As a member, you can receive monetary benefits or course credits for participating in research studies. The insight you provide is vital to our researchers.

Becoming a Participant

To join our subject pool, create a participant account on our SONA systems. By joining the subject pool, you agree to complete every research task honestly, regardless of your interest level in the subject. Most studies can use any participant from the subject pool, but some studies need specific groups, e.g., women only, or must exclude participants of similar studies.
You may only have one participant account and may not participate in the same study more than once.

Follow the process below to create your account and ensure that you recieve recuitment emails from lab studies:

Create your account in BBRL’s SONA system here. Select “Payment” as a course.
Check your inbox for an email from SONA to confirm your account.

You may also request an account created for you. Just email Nidhi Dahiya at from your uark email with subject “Add me to the subject pool”.

Signing up for Studies

To sign up for studies, login to your SONA account and look for available studies. You can sign up for the time slot which suits you. You may also receive email notifications of upcoming studies. Show up at JBHT 127 (1st floor across from the elevators) 5 minutes before your scheduled session.

Study Length and Compensation

An average study runs anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Compensation most often comes in the form of monetary reimbursement or course credit. Some researchers also choose to enter participants in drawing for a prize at the end of their study. As a reward for consistent participation, participants with zero unexcused "no-show"s in SONA are entered in a drawing for $50 at the end of each month in the school year.
Before signing up for a study, read the study description to ensure the length and compensation. Generally participants are paid immediately after participation for on-site studies.

Your Rights as a Participant

As a participant you have the right to be treated ethically and respectfully, to be informed of the nature of the experiment, and to withdraw your participation at any time. All Behavioral Research Lab studies are approved by Arkansas's Institutional Review Board, and researchers are required to obtain informed consent before every study and provide more information after the studies' conclusions. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your rights or welfare as a research subject, contact the lab manager. Your safety and comfort are of paramount importance to us.

Withdrawing from the Subject Pool

You may choose to withdraw from the Subject Pool and the email list at any point in time. In order to do so, please contact the lab manager. Please note that once you unsubscribe you will have your SONA account deactivated.
You may also choose to opt out of our email list only.