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BBRL Technology Map


The Business Behavioral Laboratory boasts an impressive array of technology to assist you in administering your experiments. The lab has a control room that is operated centrally from a single Crestron touchscreen panel. The control room also has the following input systems for usage in any of the rooms: computer, document camera, microphones, an intercom system and ten recording decks.

The large computer lab provides 40 laptop computers with dividers and two large projectors and screen which may be controlled either from the control room, or a laptop(s) connected to a wall jack in the front of the room. SAP, DirectRT, MediaLab, and Visual Studio are all installed on each of the lab computers. Additional software can be installed; however, time must be scheduled before your experiment to install. The large computer lab also has a partition and may be divided into two separate areas.

The small computer lab, room number 141, provides 8 laptops with removable dividers. There is also an intercom system in the room that is connected to the control room.

The shopper insights area is outfitted with shelving and two broadcast quality cameras which are operated from the control room. There is also a storage area which may be used to store products and materials in-between sessions.

Finally, focus group rooms 141, 139, 137 and 135 contain LCD monitors and two cameras each, both operated from the control room. There is also an intercom system in room 141 and 140.

For a complete breakdown of each room and its capabilities, please see the technology map (shown above) in the orientation material.

SONA Systems

The SONA System is a subject recruitment pool for studies conducted in the lab. Researchers post descriptions of their studies on the SONA System website using a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox). Subjects who want to participate in the studies view the posted studies and enroll on an electronic sign-up form. Researchers can maintain records of student participation and assign credits or penalties from the website.

Login to the SONA System.


As a researcher, you can use Qualtrics to create an Online survey that can be administered both inside and outside the BBRL. Qualtrics has many advanced features which allow researchers to build studies with true experimental design. Qualtrics administrator can help in the design, distribution, and analysis of any research or data-collection project conducted using Qualtrics.

BBRL Orientation Sessions

BBRL Orientation Sessions are mandatory for all new researchers wishing to use the facilities. Learn what's available, and how to get the most out of your experiments by signing up today.

Please email the lab manager to schedule an orientation in the lab.

Access to the Lab

Researchers and faculty members who expect to be using the lab extensively can obtain card access by contacting the lab manager.


SONA Systems Guides

Creating a study (Word docx)
Deleting Time Slots (Word docx)
Log in to SONA Systems

Description of studies in SONA systems
(Must have a Walton Intranet login.)

Qualtrics Survey Tool

To create an online survey on Qualtrics, log in here.

Don't have a Qualtrics account? Request an account.

IPhones and IPads for Research

AT&T has donated a set of iPhones and iPads to the BBRL for use in academic research. To reserve these devices, a Walton College faculty or staff member should contact Nidhi Dahiya directly.

Anyone checking out a device is responsible for it and agrees to cover any costs associated with the repair or replacement of that device.

Grants and Funding Opportunities

Pivot brings together research opportunities, funding, and expertise quickly and easily, providing global and local connections that strengthen research by exploring new avenues for funding.

Behavioral Lab Orientation Material

(Word docx)